Now and again people desire to lose a bit of weight. However, this can be an uphill task especially for individuals who have a restrictive diet and for those that lead a vegan lifestyle. An effective option of losing weight is by using the best weight loss shakes. Meal replacement shakes provide calorie-controlled nutrition which comes in the form of a single drink. They are normally manufactured in powdered form and are conveniently able to be mixed with milk or water. Most contain a substantial quantity of protein and low carbohydrates along with essential antioxidants, probiotics, minerals and vitamins.

Buying guide for the best vegan meal replacement shakes:

The following are the main things to look for when buying a vegan meal replacement shake:

Protein source

Protein is an important macronutrient and one that is supplied in high doses in the best weight loss shakes due to its satiety property. Vegans should look for meal replacement shakes that have plant-based proteins such as rice, pea and hemp as well as a combination of all three. This is because most shakes have protein from animal sources.

Sugar content

Consumers should be very keen as to the sugar content when using meal replacement shakes. The aim should be to buy a product that has carbohydrate content that is less than 10g and sugar which is less than half of this amount.

Essential nutrients

Most of the high-quality weight loss shakes provide comprehensive nutrition when others do not. Look for a vegan meal replacement shake that has all the essential minerals and vitamins. Furthermore, it should have blends of some green superfoods, along with probiotics and antioxidants that help with digestion.

The Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Vegans

There are so many products available on the market today and this makes selection of the ideal product a daunting task. The following are some of the top products that consumers can consider:

Garden of Life Organic Vegan Meal Replacement Shake

Garden of Life Organic Vegan Meal Replacement Shake

This is a high-quality product that is formulated by the renowned Garden of Life brand. It is in powder form for convenience. It offers consumers 20g of top-notch plant-based protein like sunflower seeds, sesame, pumpkin, buckwheat, chia, brown rice and pea.

Each serving contains 120 calories. This vegan meal replacement shake is packed with all essential minerals and vitamins, a potent blend of forty-four superfoods as well as an enzyme and probiotic blend to aid in digestion. It is a non-GMO and NSF-certified to be gluten free and is also USDA certified organic. The taste is not very pleasant.

All-in-One Meal Replacement Shake for Weight Loss and Active Lifestyle

This is a product from LyfeFuel. It provides 100 calories for every serving. This shake offers consumers a total of 18g of plant-based protein from sources such as rice and peas. The product also contains essential minerals and vitamins. In addition, it is prepared with a blend of green superfoods i.e. wheat grass and spirulina. To help in digestion, it contains a probiotic and enzyme blend as well as a berry blend that is rich in antioxidants. Every container of this vegan meal replacement shake offers fourteen servings. It is soy and gluten free, but quite pricey.

Naturade VeganSmart All-in-One Nutritional Shake

Naturade has once again produced a high-quality meal replacement shake for its clients. This shake offers 20g of excellent plant-based protein to consumers. Every serving of this product offers just 170 calories. It contains all essential minerals and vitamins, fiber and omega-3s along with a whole food blend and digestive enzymes. The taste is not very pleasant.

Vega One All-in-One Plant Based Protein Powder

It is available in powder form and offers consumers 20g of plant-based protein i.e. sacha inchi seeds, flax, hemp and peas. It offers a complete amino acid profile. This shake has essential minerals and vitamins that are derived from strawberries, spirulina, kale and broccoli. It offers 25% of the required daily fiber intake, antioxidants, probiotics and 1.5g omega-3s. It is dairy, gluten and soy free. This product is non-GMO. Every container of this meal replacement shake offers just 10 servings.

Orgain Plant-Based Organic Vegan Nutrition Shake

Each serving of this convenient health product offers consumers 18g of plant-based protein i.e. brown rice, hemp seeds, flax and chia. It also includes a mix of important vitamins. It provides 220 calories for every serving. It is soy and gluten free.


Consumers who are too busy to maintain a planned diet can successfully replace a few of their meals with any one of the meal replacement shake options above. You may also find that some of the best weight loss shakes are not marketed as “vegan” but fit the guidelines better than any of the mainstream ones.