A bank is any place of platform whereby resources-money, ornaments, information and any other form of wealth- are stored for future or immediate use. The Chartered Financial Analyst exam also has various question bank platforms where most if not all materials required for the exam preparations are stored.  The only difference between the CFA platform and the normal banks is that the examination materials are mostly stored on websites where students can easily access at a specified cost.

The question banks applicable to CFA in most cases stores learning materials and past examination papers and other revision kits tailored to help students during their rush hour. However, the question banks can also be used for early exam preparation depending on the level of seriousness of a student.

One of the question bank platforms is AnalystPrep (https://analystprep.com/). This is a platform which makes the accessibility of CFA level 1 study materials easy and convenient to students. It is one of the best ways for students to increase their chances of doing well in the CFA level 1 exam as it enables the students to unlimitedly practice before doing their exams hence increasing their chances of passing the exam with flying colours.

AnalystPrep’s question bank provides a comprehensive way of covering the possible potential exams from the various CFA topics and further enables the students to print mock exams to time themselves to test their performance as if it was a real exam scenario. It can be referred to as a form of simulation aimed at ensuring that the student is both physically and mentally prepared for the forthcoming exam. The materials offered by the question bank include but are not limited to a 3000+ practice questions, mock exams, customizable quizzes and email support.

Many other CFA exam prep platforms have CFA question banks which provide assistance to students before doing their final exam. Their platform works in such a way that main revision kits for doing exams are made available to the students and at the right time in order to satisfy the given purpose. Some other exam platforms offer different packages that can provide up to 16 weekly online classes with virtual classroom series hence enabling a close interaction between the students and the lectures even when they are separated distance-wise.

According to the CFA Exam Prep website, this online audit course joins all their best CFA exam content for the 2017 exam with their driving e-learning stage. One can connect to his/her exam date and he/she will have an exam arrange plan in seconds. Students can also learn with 16 week by week live virtual classes upheld with internet coaching, 90+ hours pre-recorded address recordings, contemplate guides and 5,500 practice inquiries in their (CFA Exam Prep’s) test bank. At that point students can take the full-length mock exams and keep tabs on their development straight up to exam day.

Besides the above, with the help of a question bank, the students can also get professional CFA coaching services which are provided online at https://analystprep.com/coaching/. Through this service they will be able to post their CFA exam related queries online and get feedback within less than 24 hours. They will also be able to only make a single pay up to the time they pass the Guarantee stage including having free upgrades and updates. In addition to these, they will have 5 hours of 1 on 1 coaching with a CFA member.

Inconsequential, CFA question banks – as evidenced from the above – are a very effective way of guaranteeing students successful revision ways. Question banks for that matter not only enable students to work hard but also work smart.