Shopping for the right swimwear-one that is durable, works for that occasion, accentuates what you want to show off, and hides those parts you want hidden-can be challenging. And it gets even more challenging when looking for plus size swimwear. The search may be discouraging, time-consuming, and frustrating. But this shouldn’t always be the case. So if it’s proving difficult to choose the right plus size swimwear, read on for a complete guide on how to do so.

Bikini versus One-piece suits

Contrary to what you might expect, most women do not prefer bikinis; rather, one-piece swimwear are the most popular. Many plus size women are often caught between getting a bikini or a one-piece suit. Here is a brief look at the differences between the two alongside their pros and cons.

One-piece swimsuits

For most plus size women, one-piece suits are the traditional and usually, the practical choice, offering coverage for such activities as swimming and beach volleyball. They help support and shape your boobs, booty, and torso. Select a one-piece suit in nylon blend in case you are planning to swim or be active on the beach or around water. They work well when you want things in place and properly covered.

Plus size costume styles don’t have to be boring. Modern versions come in a wide range of colors and styles, and some are, in themselves, fashion statements. They are great for concealing particular parts of the body and showing off others.


Bikinis cover way less skin than one-piece swimsuits and they are often in two pieces, a bottom, and a top. A typical top will have triangular pieces of durable cloth covering your breasts. Tops come in various styles, from strapless to halter and everything in between. Bottoms also have different styles including thongs, G-string, boy shorts, Brazilian, etc.

Bikinis are evolving as fashion trends keep evolving, and nowadays, there are perfect styles for plus size women. The bra-inspired style is increasingly becoming a favorite for many women. It gives the breast a lift and support, and in bandage fabric, it comes with sturdiness, sexy comfort, and fade resistance. Most styles feature cutout designs, strap features, and color blocks.

However, it is worth mentioning that bikinis are not ideal for such activities as rigorous swimming or water sports. They are great for some responsible tanning or lounging around at, say, pool parties.

Choosing your plus size swimwear

Show off by selecting sexy and practical. High-waisted bikinis, tummy control panels or underwire support should be perfect to accentuate or hide what you have.

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If you want to create some slim illusion, then add colors with diagonal or vertical lines. Embellishments like diagonal shirring and angles ruffles are some feminine ways to cover or accentuate. You can also try swim dresses with gathering around your waist or some central knot that draws focus besides slimming your waistline.

Avoid large prints and instead, go for subtle prints in diagonal or vertical shapes that flatter and help in creating an hourglass shape. You might also want to consider textured materials as it generates interest besides also adding further to a slim illusion (if that is what you want to create).

For big hips and thighs

Plus size women with big hips and thighs should stay away from traditional one-piece swimwear because they usually accentuate what you do not want. Instead, try design elements and a little coverage where necessary to balance your shape.

While you may not realize it, showing more thigh often looks way better than struggling to hide it. So avoid boy shorts and instead, choose higher-cut suit versions. Again, if you want a slim illusion, dark colors will do just right so choose darker bottoms with more colorful tops. Such a combination will balance your shape and slim your thigh area.

Asymmetrical micro-skirts and compression swimsuits are other great plus size swimwear solutions for women in this category. Fuller skirts will draw attention instead of deflecting it, so avoid them.

Swimsuits for hiding your tummy

A one-piece that will camouflage or minimize your tummy will be an excellent choice. Better still, you can go for a full coverage bikini. They either contain materials which suck you in, for instance, bandage fabrics or create some slim illusion with, say, draping, color panels or ruching.

Color-blocking one-piece plus size swimwear are also a great choice for hiding your tummy and creating a slim illusion. Choose elongated diagonal or vertical patterns and be sure to combine with deep v-cut necklines.

The blouson style also works very well since it is not body hugging and it offers a lot of room for your more prominent tummy.

For big chested plus size girls

Try mix and match combinations if you cannot find a one-piece that works well for you. Better still, go for bandage structured plus size suits which provide stretch and support.

Choosing the right swimwear takes time, and it needs patience as well as dedication. Try on as many as possible until you find the perfect one that’s functional, flattering, and trendy.