Greaves Generator is manufactured at Chakan’s Greaves Plant, an ISO 9001-2000 certified facility that powers critical systems and multiple everyday applications. 

Before I know the new generator of greaves. We’ll know about the company first of all. Therefore One of the most reliable and demanded generators is greaves generators. And it was also one of India’s biggest producers for power generation. Greaves is the best engineering tool to branch out. 

Maharashtra, India, headquartered in Mumbai. Greaves is a robust, efficient, high-quality product that constantly meets the power needs of various commercial industries, including IT / ITES, telecommunications, infrastructure, distribution, hotels, hospitals, banking and economic, and manufacturing, at very low cost. 

Greaves sells a smart selection of portable generator kits for all your demands for electricity in both residential and business areas. These are lightweight and efficient generator packages that can very quickly be transferred. 

The company Greaves is the most trusted producer and exporter. Various types of revolutionary engines and installations exist. We continue to analyze updated markets with the widest diesel generator sets of technical experience of our customers. The confidence that customers have demonstrated in our best product is the secret behind our strategic growth. Our goods provide you with a comprehensive list of standard characteristics such as high performance, new software, poor maintenance and good price with other rivals. 

Our Research and Development Department was updated with the latest technology, breaking brand boundaries and prototypes for the latest software, generator, process and control development, and alteration. With different applications, Greaves Generator understands the necessity of our customers. 

By the load test, we offer complete and customized energy solutions. Customization of the product, generator establishment, time to time maintenance. Low-priced parts and maintenance are easily accessible after purchase facilities. We manufacture and supply good quality products and serve various markets including real estate, buildings, IT, hotels, hospitals, and banking services. 

New Greaves Generator Feature 

Fully controlled and attachable devices focused on microprocessors. The inner function of the generator and address all problems is shown in 4 styles of LCD displays. This generator is a DG array control device that is special and incorporated. Enter the parameter of the engine and the alternator in a single console. The entire selection is eligible for queues. This generator is the best feature to start with remote controI. Electric power (CT)-12V/35 Amps, Motor Ratio (ER)-12, Battery Volt(DC)/Capacity(AH)-12, 120AH Electric voltage engine specified as: 

  • The lightweight, completely configurable control system based on a microprocessor 
  • 4 Led panel screen 
  • The main generator file configuration operator. 
  • Both engines are mounted in a single console in this generator. 
  • Virtual production fully configurable 
  • All engine components are configured and covered by code. 
  • Remote Launch. 

On Display Parameter 

  • Current  
  • fuel level percent 
  • Temperature of cooling 
  • DG has set time to run. 

Greaves generator optional item 

  • Heater unit of ventilation 
  • Electrical system of fuel 
  • Silencer open exhaust unit 
  • Sound inside 

Some Designs and Technical Specifications of a Greaves Generator 

There are many different types of modern generators to use large loads and after a few years, they’re not crushed. Service of 3 combined dealers & five-year warranty processes is 250 KVA grafts generator.  After that, any basic technical specifications on how the generator can be powered and its power is voltage.

Greaves Generator 250 kVA 

  • 3S Mixed Dealers Single Window Sales & Maintenance. 
  • Factory Built a single-stage attribute generator. 
  • Complete ISO quality verification Outflow & Noise Policies 
  • Great TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership) too cost-effective to operate & run 
  • Superior processing of cosmetics to conform with 50 degrees 
  • Extended assurance cycle for five years

500 KVA Greaves Generator 

  • Sales by 3S Composite Dealers for a single-window operation. 
  • Full adherence to ISO pollution & speech guidelines 
  • Superior esthetics containers of 50-degree conditions 
  • The right TCO (Total Ownership Cost) is thus inexpensive to open and run. 
  • With a single level of quality, the manufacturer upgrades the engine. 
  • Five years of the enhanced assurance system 


We believe that our team member works to a significant increase with his hard and smart working skills. They do a good job of taking a fresh, up-to-date approach and obligation. First, we observe market trends and create a greaves generator to meet all the problems for the business goals of our customers. We use the industry’s metal line of high quality and safety approved raw materials. We satisfy your customers and are good to perform at a low cost, offer their customers good experience and advanced levels of service.