There is a lot of confusion when it comes to distinguishing between Hemp oil and CBD oil. What is crucial to note is the fact that although both come from the cannabis plant, they come from different parts, and they offer distinct health benefits. Note that they are not similar products. You may have noticed an alarming trend with CBD company marketing strategy that has included the frequent use of “hemp oil”. Confusing, yes, but, certain products do contain traces of hemp oil, so this reference is not entirely inaccurate.

So how do you distinguish between the two? Here is a break down of everything you need to know about hemp oil and CBD oil.

What is Hemp Oil?

Derived purely from the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa Plant, Hemp oil is a full spectrum oil with a long list of health benefits. There is a misconception that you can get intoxicated from this extract. This is false, mainly because it contains very little of the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)) compound that is directly responsible for intoxication. This seed extracted oil is highly nutritious and is known to help in treating anything from inflammation to improving the health of your skin.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil, however, is derived from parts of the mature plant, including the leaves, the stalks, the flowers, essentially, anything except the seeds. There is a bit of contention however, as these are the parts known to contain the largest amount of THC, so most people assume it gets you high. But, the result is quite contrary, as it works more towards holistic wellness, and its extraction process does not trigger any kind of psychotropic events.

Understanding the Distinction Between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil

Before looking into the obvious benefits of each type of extract, it is important to have a clear view of what distinguishes one from the other. This will allow you to gain a bit of perspective of the contents, effects, and merits of each. So what are the differences between the two?

First, CBD oil is only meant as for the medicinal purpose and is usually consumed in the form of capsules or tincture. Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, is used mainly as a food additive based on its high concentration of vitamins, minerals, protein, and various fatty acids.

Hemp seed oil has no active CBD (0.3%). It is also worth mentioning that you can extract CBD oil from any part of the seed except the seeds, which are the source of hemp seed oil. This means that the distinguishing factor between the two is the point of extraction.

There is a common use of the term “hemp oil”. This has become a very ambiguous phrase, as it may refer to both the CBD rich oil extracted from a mature hemp plant, as well as the hemp seed oil. To be specific, the seed extract that lacks active CBD is now referred to as Hemp seed oil to avoid confusion.

Hemp seed oil is obtained through a process referred to as cold pressing, while CBD oil is extracted through either Carbon dioxide extraction, or is turned into an isolate whose resulting compound is a full-spectrum, highly pure CBD oil.

Hemp seed Oil vs CBD Oil Ingredients

CBD oil has a constitutes less that 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol. This is necessary for it to be sold legally as a health supplement. Hemp seed oil on the other hand, since its extracted from the seeds has no THC in it, so getting it on the market as a food supplement is fairly simple. If you are shopping for any of the two varieties, then ensure you check the contents first, terms such as Cannabis sativa seed oil, Phytocannabinoid rich, or cannabidiol should be key indicators of which variety you are purchasing.

What is Hemp Oil Used for?

Each type of oil has its applications. This is why distinguishing between the two is very crucial. First, Full-spectrum CBD oil is used for a kind of holistic healthcare, where it is known to provide useful treatment for conditions ranging from stress, anxiety, and is a very popular source of alternative medicine. You are also looking at benefits ranging from pain relief, reduction of inflammation, insomnia, and depression.

Hemp seed oil on the other is purely sought due to its high nutritional value. It acts as a rich source of fatty acids, has an array of vitamins, proteins, and a very high mineral concentration. It also has applications in skincare, it is known to treat certain varieties of eczema, dry and itchy skin, all thanks to its rich fatty acid content.

Benefits Of Hemp Oil

Full Spectrum CBD oil has had several applications over the years, and it has had varying success as one of the best forms of alternative medicines out there. While it is still very much in its initial stages, this rich supplement has been used in clinical therapy and has had applications in sports and various fields. On the surface, CBD oil is known to aid sleep, relieve stress symptoms, reduce inflammation in sports-related injuries, and, holistically assist in maintaining your body’s internal balance at the very peak of its powers.

The hemp seed oil has become a huge hit in cosmetics. It is now a constituent ingredient in lotions, shampoos and any of a list of cosmetic products dealing with skincare. This is all in addition to its high concentration in all the major food groups out there. If you are in the market for a superfood supplement, then hemp oil, in its seed form, contains everything from minerals, vitamins to essential fatty acids, all blending perfectly together to give you ultimate health.

Both varieties of hemp oils give you something to look forward to, and the fact that they have little to no traces of THC makes them a healthy choice.

Safety and Side Effects

For most people, hemp oil is very well tolerated, and the side effects that have been observed have been few and far between. There have been reports of mild cases of general sickness, with cases of dizziness, diarrhea, and periodic vomiting. It’s mostly a gastrointestinal issue, nothing too serious.

Bottom Line

Hemp oil today is the definition of holistic health, with both varieties having their various benefits and contribution towards better overall health. They are safe to use and well-tolerated by most people, so if you are in the market for alternative medicine, then hemp oils come very highly recommended.