STEP 1: Cut out the part of the hat

STEP 2: If you decided to use fusible interface – iron it on the exterior fabric’s BACK side within pattern lines.

STEP 3: Put detail 1 and 2 front sides jointly, so that back side of the fabric would be outside.
Join the particulars first at the center lines – folding lines. Then pin them jointly along the hems, in order that corners marked with letter “A” (on the pattern) will be connected as indicated. Then stitch along this line all about the hat – from one corner A to the second corner A.

STEP 4: Turn the baby bucket hat to the correct side and pin the seam that you just made to the middle of the hat. Then stitch along the seam of step 4, in order that your new stitching line will be on the seam’s side toward the middle of the hat, about 2 mm away from preceding seam.

STEP 5: Now turn the cap inside out and pin together the center back seam of detail 2, then stitch it. Then turn the cap to the facing side in addition to sew along one side of this seam – concerning 2 mm away from the seam.

STEP 6: Pin both particulars 3 for brim together with face sides within and stitch the outside seam on the brim. Then turn them in order that facing sides will be outside and place in the stiff stuff for the brim within the fabric brim.
Then pin both particulars 3 together on the line wherever it will be attached to the cap and sew all along this curved line. Now the stiff brim stuff is totally inside seams in addition to is not visible anymore.

STEP 7: Pin the brim to the baby boy hats – attach detail 2 to brim, first by matching center lines of brim in addition to detail 2. Then sew all along the inner curved line of the brim.

STEP 8:  you require to pin the outside curve of brim to the cap and sew it, so that brim will be attached to it. If you could – stitch with machine, or else do it by hand.The brim I shaped was so thick that machine might not pierce the needle throughout it, so I had to stitch the brim by hand to detail.
However, you could also decide that you desire the brim to be free and not attached to detail 2, then you could skip this step.

STEP 9: Now repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 for building the lining of the cap.

STEP 10: Put the lining within the hat – exterior fabric and lining fabric have back side of fabric together. Pin the coating to the exterior fabric in order that seams will match. Try the hat on (if possible) as well as make essential adjustments.
Now fold the exterior fabric’s edge within the hat all along the outside line, in order that it would cover the edge of the lining material. Sew by hand (or mechanism if possible).

STEP 11: Pin the ribbon within the hat, all about the edge, regarding 3 mm away from the edge, then stitch it on the line close to the edge of the cap. Make certain it is not visible from the exterior.


Taking care of toddler boy hats involve being aware of how to clean in addition to keep them correctly. Various resources that make up hats will require a diversity of methods. For example, canvas or else soft cotton hat might be kept clean the similar way normal clothes is kept clean.

All You require to Know About Hats
A hat made of leather will need particularly made cleaning mix. Using water in addition to mild detergents will make straw hats look new. You might use diverse ways to work on felt hat such as soft brush, which would eradicate dust, in addition to damp towels, which would eliminate dirt. Stains that do not come off might be fixed at times by using tremendously fine-grained sand papers. so as to keep a hat’s brim fresh, it must be stored in an upside-down style. Realize too that superior hats might also get smaller as time pass, so it’s a good idea to provide them a superior stretching now and then.