Misleading Facts About NFL


American football is a popular sport. It is super fun for the fans to watch the huge guys slamming into each other. National Football League is a famous football league that consists of 32 teams. It was founded in August 20, 1920. It is a 17-week tournament that starts from September and runs till late December. Because this tournament is such a rage, there are some big rumors that always run around this league. The biggest platform to get tickets for NFL is Live Foot Ball Tickets so buy and enjoy! 

Here Some of the Myths about NFL: 

There is Always a Motivational Speech in Halftime 

It is often seen in movies that the team whose chances of winning the cup are over is motivated by their coach in half time. There is a speech that brings back the winning spirit and audience get emotional. 

Well, this is not true! The teams get only 13 minutes as first break. In that break, some players eat protein bars and relax a bit. In 30-minute long half time break, the players enjoy watching Beyonce and chat with other players. Coach comes for only five minutes and announces what is the strategy to follow in next half. Want to see your favorite players live? Then you may get the tickets at low prices  using Live Foot ball Tickets. 

NFL Players are Extremely Rich 

People always imagine NFL players as super rich who are always clubbing and spending whopping amount on champagne bottles. On an average, the minimum salary reported is $465,000. 

One of the crucial facts is that career in this sport lasts for only three years. In 2018-19 season, Tom Brady was the player who got $22 million. 

Their bodies are constantly exposed to wear and tear. There are some NFL players who don’t even have enough money to bear medical expenses. 

Domestic Violence Incidents are More on Super Bowl Sunday 

It is believed that guys get angry and mad when their favorite team loses the match. So, if any small thing gets wrong at home, the women have to pay the penalty. But the truth is that there is no actual increase in domestic violence cases.

There is Unfair Team’s Schedule

Some people think that there is always some negative strategy used in scheduling the matches of their favorite team. According to some, black magic is done to decide the schedule. But they don’t know that there is a computer technology behind the scheduling. More than thousands of options are explored and even any important event is excluded to decide the dates of the match. 

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facts About NFL

There is Huge Hatred Amongst Players of Two Teams 

Well, it is just a myth that players of teams have to be enemies. Players always change teams and it is possible that next year they are a part of team which they hate.  

Players of rival teams are mostly seen hanging out together off-season.  They pray together and even enjoy beers together. People need to understand that the players get money to play for their teams and after the match they are friends. 

Madden Curse is Considered True 

Almost all the players that got the honor of featuring on the cover page of Madden video game were hurt. It started with Garrison Hearst whose ankle was broken. Fans started protesting that their most loved players should not get the honor of getting featured on cover page.  But it is a fact that not only the featured players but other players also had problems.   

So, above explained are some of the myths that are associated with NFL. These are believed as a tradition but not at all true. If you also thought that these things you listened are true, then hope this changed your perception.