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Bollinger Motors claims 10,000 reservations for its electric SUV

Electric SUV startup Bollinger Motors claims it already has 10,000 reservations for the battery-powered B1 off-roader it unveiled in July. Reservations for the vehicle, which is still in development, require no deposit and can be cancelled at any time. Nevertheless, the number indicates a large amount of interest in the …

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Life-changing headache

Image caption David Baldwin developed CSF leak more than four years ago Four years ago David Baldwin woke up with a crippling headache that has completely changed his life. David, from Ross-shire, can no longer sit up or walk without experiencing excruciating pain and he must avoid laughing or sneezing …

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Fresh twist in Facebook data transfer row

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Max Schrems asked whether user data being transferred to the US was safe and protected from possible surveillance The Irish High Court has referred a case about the way Facebook transfers user data across the Atlantic to the US to the EU’s highest court. …

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