Making your home safe and secure is much more easy and improved today thanks to the different smart security systems out there. A good smart security system will save you sleepless nights when away from your home and also provide you with different capabilities to monitor or report incidents in the nick of time from wherever you are. Here we have reviewed some of the best home security systems out there, so you can choose the right one for your home.

Vivint Smart Home systems

This is a complete solution where you get in one word ‘everything’ to make your home safe. But of all the options you have here a Vivint Smart Home system is one of the most expensive but it does provide a bang for your buck. For the installation you don’t have to do anything once you have bought a plan, security experts from Vivint will come over and do all the work and once they are done explain everything to you. Vivint gives you 24×7 monitoring and will react quickly to any alarm triggered. Vivint Smart Home system is also provides you with home automation, connecting to the thermostat and a bunch of other home appliances which you can control from their Android or IOS app from wherever you are. It also has a high quality door buzzer camera. Bottom line Expensive but high quality product and high level of service make it worth it and it also doesn’t tie you down to a length service contract.

Adobe Home security starter kit

The Abode Home Security System is a DIY system which is very easy to install and has support for a large number of third party integration. Although they do not provide subscription based monitoring services and their sensors are much bulkier compared to the others in this list. One major drawback is they don’t have a centralized control panel but it is an inexpensive option, so really no complaints.

ADT Pulse Review

ADT has been in the business of providing security services for over a hundred years which means they are a well established and possibly the most serious player in the business and it shows. This is one of the best home security systems that you can buy in the market today but is also quite an expensive option especially if you go for the full blown service that they have to offer. Installation will be done by expert technicians who will also show you how it works and set up your online account. ADT is the only security service provider to give 24×7 customer service. The basic service plan provides theft protection, for a higher price you can add other features like detecting smoke or fire and controlling the system remotely over the app. If you can afford it the ADT Pulse is a sophisticated mix of technology and service that you should have and probably stands out as best in class. Although it might not be the best option with its 3 year contract for apartment dwellers who plan on moving.


SimpliSafe Home Security system

Just like its name, you can DIY you way to a safe and secure home with the SimpliSafe Home Security system. Set it up with a quick installation inside 30 minutes and if you are moving house anytime, you can easily carry it with you. It’s basic subscription plan will let you monitor everything remotely and is pretty affordable, browse through all the plans ( it has 5 different plans) and choose the best one for you. The video output of the camera at 720p resolution was very good and did not distort at all. All in all the SimpliSafe delivers very well as a security provider and is very easy to set up. The biggest advantage is you don’t have to sign any long term yearly contracts to avail their monitoring subscriptions.

Live watch Plug and Protect IQ 2.0

Another DIY HSS, the Live watch Plug and Protect IQ 2.0 comes with a slick touch screen control panel and provides 24×7 monitoring service. Although it is not the easiest when it comes to the camera installation and also charges an activation on top of a monthly subscription plan which makes it expensive. The subscription plans themselves are pretty good allowing lots of integrations with third party tech.

Skylink Net Alarm System Starter Kit

Or the Sk-2000 for short makes it affordable for you to be able to remotely monitor your home from afar using your smart phone. Another drawback is its inability to connect with third party systems though it makes up for it by offering some options of its own. Overall it’s pretty easy to use and can be controlled by its Android or IOS app depending on which phone you use. The system lacks some important features like it doesn’t give you any.